Love Wine but are Intimidated? Want an Enjoyable Wine Education?

You are not alone. You have come to the place where you can get a wine education that is useful, practical, and fun. There are many wine fans who are too scared to order a bottle at a restaurant, or who hyperventilate at the sound of the word sommelier! Wine for beginners is the topic here, so please join us.

The subject of wine seems to have an interesting effect on normally levelheaded people. On the one hand, we love it. We love the taste. We love what it does to a meal. We love to savor it on a balmy summer evening (or any time of the year, for that matter). On the other hand; the moment we are in public, we feel like we must take, and pass with flying colors, the toughest exam since leaving school.

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There is no question that when it comes to this subject, it is easy to feel anxious. The sheer variety of grapes, wine names, production methods, and wine regions is enough to intimidate anyone.

Add to this the attitude that so many have toward it; those who treat it as if it were a substance reserved for members of an exclusive club, rather than the delicious liquid that it is, and that is readily available to you and me.

Drinking this ancient beverage should lead to joy, not torment. And a way to enhance our pleasure, and reduce our anxiety, is by learning more about this lovely brew.

Welcome to one place that will make your experience enjoyable, not scary. Here you will find a wine education that minimizes the snob factor and increases delight.

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The simple truth is that the wine you like is a good one; you’ll just learn the reason why. Together we will conquer the myths, and endeavor to keep wine simple.

This site is for you, regardless of your level of knowledge. So relax, pour a glass of your favorite variety, and discover!

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