Wine Education to Enhance our Enjoyment!

All right, so you don’t really want to be a sommelier. You just want wine education so that you can enjoy wine more. That is the goal that most of us have. Wine for beginners; that’s all we want for now. Later we can go on to bigger and better things. To learn a bit about history and winemaking go to Wine 101

So lets Start

We can enjoy a glass of wine at several different levels. One level is to just drink it, if our mouth doesn’t pucker, we are in good shape.

But if you have come to this site, you are probably looking for a bit more out of your wine than just "sip and swallow", you want wine education that is useful, practical, and fun.

Another level is where we are more discerning. We can use our other senses. We can look at the color, is it clear and bright? Do we like how it looks? We can smell the wine. Is it a pleasant smell? We can taste it. Is it sweet? Does it taste bitter?

Still another level is where we are more reflective. Is the color a deep red? Does it resemble rubies? Does the aroma reminds us of fruits or spices? Does the taste resemble blackberries or plums, maybe even pepper? Does it make this slice of pizza taste better?

Finally We Get To The Last Level, The Why Level

Why does it make me think of blackberries? Is it because the grape originally had this taste? Does the place where the wine comes from, and its soil, influenced this particular taste? Is it something that the winemaker did? And why does it make the pizza taste better? Is it because this particular wine compliments the acidity in the tomato sauce? If you want to get to the Why level, or even if you just want to know a little more, you may want to take some wine classes. Learn more about various types of wine classes available. Or you may want to join a wine club. Learn about the different kinds of wine clubs

We are not trying to be snobs here, we are just trying to get to the Why Level, so that drinking wine will be more enjoyable, and downright fun. We are looking for wine information that will get us to the Why Level.

Some wine information make us reflect, and even laugh! Click here for wine quotes that will do just that for you. In addition, part of being educated about wine is knowing when information is pure myth. Here you will find some of the most common wine myths.

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