The Most Popular Types of White Wine!

White wines are ever popular, and the various types of white wine have distinct personalities. They range from fresh, light, and crisp; to full bodied, dry and full of oak flavors, with several categories in between.

The popularity of white wines is due to their versatility. You can drink them at almost any time, whether it is in place of a cocktail or with dinner. they are popular in the summer, since most white wines taste better when chilled; but people drink them any time of the year.

White wine lend themselves particularly well to food and wine pairing because they go very well with so many different dishes, from mild to spicy.

White Wine Styles

The various white wines generally fall under these styles.

The first style is crisp and fresh. It isn't very sweet or fruity, and has no oak flavor. Many Italian white wine fall into this style. Among them are Pinot Grigio and Soave. French wines with this style are Sancerre and Chablis.

Another type of white wine is light to medium bodied, with flavors reminiscent of herbs and earth. Sauvignon Blanc would fall under this particular style.

One style of white wine includes strong fruit aromas and can be either dry, or off-dry (not super-dry). Rieslings are a good example of this type.

Then we have the full-bodied wines with strong oak flavors. They are sometimes described as "buttery" because of their richness, and they are most commonly dry. Chardonnays are examples of these wines.

Favorite Whites

Chardonnay. It is made in almost any place in the wine-making world. In survey after survey, including one on this site, it is chosen by most wine drinkers as their favorite wine. Chardonnay has definite oak flavors. Sauvignon Blanc with its herbal notes is another favorite. It is produced all over the world, and can be found in any wine shop.

Riesling has fruity aromas. It is most often made in Germany, California, Austria, and other places. In a survey done in this site, it is second only to Chardonnay in popularity; probably for its lightness and versatility.

Pinot Grigio is not as well known as other types of white wine; yet it is delightful, with a fresh and crisp lightness that compliments many dishes.

Which One Fits Your Style?

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