White Wine Pairing, What To Look For

All right, so you are thinking about white wine pairing. As I mentioned previously, when it comes to food and wine pairing, you are the one who will decide what you want. But it helps to have some information in order to decide which direction to take.

Most types of white wine are considered light. It isn't just that the color is light, but the texture is usually light too. What do you mean by light? you may ask. One helpful way of thinking about it is light wine resembling skim milk, while a heavy red wine being more like think rich cream. Another element that will influence the lightness of the wine is the alcohol level. The lower the alcohol level, the lighter the wine will be.

The idea here is to pair a light white wine, with a light food, such as chicken or fish. Of course, there is chicken, and then there is chicken.

Grilled chicken or a lettuce and chicken salad would be considered light. Fried chicken or chicken in a cream sauce might not.

Other elements of both food and wine are the sweetness, saltiness, acidity, tannin (the taste and feeling you get in your mouth when you eat walnuts).

One way of finding what you like is to gather some simple foods, such as a lemon wedge, a slice of apple, a few pieces of cheddar cheese, and some walnuts.

Also gather several types of white wine. A Riesling, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay.

Sip one wine, taste a piece of food, then taste the wine and the piece of food together. Do this with each wine and each piece of food until you combine them all. See which combination goes well together, and which one clashes. Make notes to yourself, if you like. Remember, this is your wine education, so you be as formal or informal as you want to be.

Just remember

Food and wine pairing is for your enjoyment. Find out what is the best combination for you.

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