Wine Buyers And Their Decision Making Criteria

At a Store

In a Study funded by the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation (GWRDC), wine buyers use the following criteria when deciding what to buy at a store. 1. Consumer has tasted it before

2. It has been recommended by someone

3. A variety the consumer likes eg. Chardonnay or Pinot Noir

4. By appellation (origin)

5. By brand.

6. It has won a medal

7. He or she read about it

8. Food pairing

9. Back label information

10. Shelf information

11. Front label

12. Display in a store

13. Alcohol content

At a Restaurant

The same study looked at how consumers decide what to drink at a restaurant. The following criteria were used. 1. Had tasted it before and liked it

2. Food pairing

3. Looking to try something different

4. Was suggested by another person at the table

5. Waiter recommended it

6. Had read about it

7. Varietal

8. Region

9. It is available by the glass

10. A suggestion on the menu

11. Promotion card on the table

12. Available in half bottle

13. Alcohol content Though there are some variations from country to country, the criteria used by consumers are remarkably similar. Most consumers around the world rely on previous experience, as well as recommendations from others.

How Do You Decide?

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