September 2008 Wine Recommendations, Great Values!

The September 2008 wine recommendations are here. Wonderful flavors at great prices. Play a game with yourself, or with other wine lovers; see if you detect these flavor notes, plus others not included here.

Types Of White Wine Follow Here:

Napa Ridge Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley 2006 With notes of citrus and peach. Score of 86, $12.00 USD. California

ViƱa Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc Lontue Valley 2007. With notes of grass and lime. Score of 84, $10.00 USD. Chile

Stonecap Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2006. With hints of spices and melon. Score of 88, $12.00 USD. Washington State.

Zenato Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2007 With notes of pear and spices. Score of 87, $14.00 USD. Italy.

Washington Hills Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2006. With hints of melon and pear. Score of 86, $8.00. Washington State.

Great Values In Types of Red Wine Are:

Trapiche Syrah Mendoza Oak Cask 2006. With notes of black currant and fig. Score of 86, $14.00 USD. Argentina.

Pine & Post Merlot Washington 2006. With hints of strawberry and raspberry. Score of 85, $7.00. Washington State.

Nederburg Manor House Shiraz, Coastal Region 2006. Hints of cherries and plum Score of 88, $17.00 USD. South Africa.

Toasted Head Merlot 2005. With notes of licorice and plum. Score of 88, $19.00. California.

Corte Zovo Sa'Solin Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2004. With hints of plum and cherries. Score of 88, $17.00. Italy.

Your Value Wine Guide for the Month of September 2008.

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