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January 2009 has arrived, and so have the new wine recommendations. We start the year by exploring Australian wines. The Australian wine industry is becoming a standout in the "New World" of wine. Many of these wines are of high quality and reasonable prices. This is exactly what wine lovers want after the Holidays, and indeed always, but it is hard to pick just a few.

Below you will find some of the best Australian types of white wine for your money:

Leasingham Riesling Clare Valley Magnus 2007. With notes of citrus and quince. Score of 91, $12.00 USD. Australia

McWilliam's Chardonnay South Eastern Australia Hanwood Estate 2006. With notes of pear, citrus, and a bit of melon. Score of 89, $12.00 USD. Australia

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc South Australia 2008. With notes of citrus and pear. Score of 87, $10.00 USD. Australia

The Little Penguin Pinot Grigio South Eastern Australia 2007. A fresh wine with notes of melon and pear. Score of 85, $8.00 USD. Australia.

Peter Lehmann Sémillon Barossa 2006. With notes of herbs and citrus. Score of 86, $12.00 USD. Australia

Here are some great types of red wine:

Torzi Matthews Shiraz Eden Valley Schist Rock 2007. With notes of plum, cherry, and a bit of clove. Score of 92, $20.00 USD. Australia

Gemtree Shiraz-Viognier McLaren Vale Bloodstone 2007. With notes of berries, plum, and spice. Score of 89, $16.00 USD. Australia

Nepenthe Tryst Red South Australia 2006. A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Zinfandel. With spicy notes of blackberry and licorice. Score of 88, $15.00 USD. Australia

Small Gully Shiraz South Australia The Formula Robert's 2005. With notes of cherry and peppers. Score of 89, $18.00 USD. Australia

Grant Burge Shiraz South Australia Benchmark 2006 With notes of blackberry and creamy vanilla. Score of 87, $ 16.00 USD. Australia

In case you are not done celebrating

Here are a couple of Australian Sparkling wines for you:

Greg Norman Estates South Eastern Australia NV. An off-dry sparkling wine with notes of nectarine and a bit of vanilla. Score of 88, $15.00 USD. Australia

Jacob's Creek Sparkling Rosé South Eastern Australia NV. With notes of melon and cream. Score of 86, $12.00 USD. Australia

Enjoy These Terrific Aussies!

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