Its Not Just The Wine, Its The Local Food And Cheese

by Annonymous

I took the trip while visiting relatives in California about 3-4 years back. The guided tour took us through a number of wineries in the area. I am not much of a drinker so couldn’t really appreciate the wine itself but I must say I was fascinated by the working processes of the place.

To learn how a winery functions and to learn various interesting facts about wine was highly entertaining as well as interesting. Not to mention the trip through the vineyards. The walk through the gardens was great feast for the eyes.

Our trip was around October so we didn’t get to see the ripe grapes or the busy hustling of harvest period. But I must say I enjoyed the lack of crowds and the ensuing calm as I got to take in every moment of the tour in peace.

The trip isn’t memorable simply for the winery but just as much for the locality. The picnic on Rutherford Hill Winery on our last day was made even more memorable by the local food and cheese products we picked up from the Sunshine Market. Certainly a trip to savor!

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