Mollydooker, Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz, 2007

by Jennifer
(Gastonia, NC)

I enjoy good wine, but if I don't like a particular wine, I'm not going to waste my calories on it!:) Last week, my husband and I drove our golf cart to the nearby country club for dinner. We ordered a bottle of Mollydooker, Blue Eyed Boy, Shiraz, 2007. My husband is a wine enthusiast and he most always selects a good bottle of wine. But this wine, wow! It was smooth and tickled all my taste buds.

My husband usually gets to enjoy 2/3's of a bottle of wine, but that evening, I'm sure I had half, it not a tiny bit more, of the bottle of Blue Eyed Boy. I've told family and friends about it, and my hope is that my hubby orders a case for our cellar! Anyway, after a satisfying meal and a conversation filled with love and laughter, we were glad we had our golf cart for the ride home! Get it! Drink it! Love it!


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Thank you!
by: Mollydooker Wines

Hi Jennifer, we have just come across your post and we wanted to say a big thank you for your wodnerful words! We are so glad to hear you enjoy the Blue Eyed Boy, it is Janet (Sparky's Mom)'s favourite as well. She calls it 'Joy in a bottle'. Wishing you a happy holiday season and we hope that you have many more enjoyable Mollydooker moments to come! Cheers! - The MD team

Love your comment
by: Maria

Thank you for your comment about the Molly Dooker, Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz 2007.

I am already imagining the nice wine, the cottage, and the lovely Main coast.

I am moving your comment to the Recommend It! page, since this fits right in.

Please come again and tell us about your great wine finds.

A reason to buy
by: Bob Danni Rich & Barb

So here we are sitting in our cottage on the coast of Maine with great friends. We decided to bring two nice bottles of wine along and one was Molly Dooker Blue Eyed Boy 2007 Shiraz. We also had a bottle of Chateau de Pibarnon 2005. The Molly Dooker won hands down.

The contrast between the French and the Australian was very interesting. The French was very earthy and quite pungent and the Dooker excited our taste buds with subtle but complex overtones. We noticed the pepper and enjoyed a lovely hint of honey. It was quite mellow with both a strong attack and long finish. We enjoyed them both with a lovely French Brie.

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