Napa Valley Family Vacation? Yep

by Robin

I had an amazing time with the family in the Napa Wine Valley last year. At first I was a little reluctant if I would enjoy it. My only experience with wine was the occasional drink around the holidays and watching the movie Sideways. The kids seemed even more reluctant about the trip then I was.

Once we got there it was amazing. The landscape is amazing - rolling hills, lush meadows, and magical vistas. It was just amazing walking through the verdant landscape. Even my cynical kids became amazed with the nature of the valley.

Tours through the production facilities were enlightening, tasting events were sophisticated and fun. Plenty of room for kids to run around, play, and enjoy themselves while we were at the wine tasting. The hotels were top notch. I was just amazed at the great accommodations available at reasonable prices. I went in the winter and it was one of the best deals on hotels that I’ve seen in years. The recession is really making lots of great travel deals available for family vacations.

For my family, and I am sure for most families, price is a big concern in choosing a vacation destination. California is near us (only had to travel from Nevada) and it is like a world apart. I felt like I was in another country. The vineyards were great - there were plenty of activities for the entire family to enjoy. And boy was it relaxing! Time moves at different, slower, speed and the days stretch out in the relaxing easy environment of California’s Napa Wine Valley.

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