Summer Romance In the Wine Country

by Bill

When I was thirteen years old my family and I vacationed in Napa Valley for just over two weeks.

I was a rebellious teen and thought a trip to wine country would be absolutely pointless especially since i would not be able to drink any wine.

While for the most part I was right, little did I know that the Hotel we were staying at was going to play host to about half a dozen kids my age who were in the same boat as I was.

One of these kids happened to be a pretty young girl by the name of Jasmine, who looked as lovely as her name sounded. I was practically in love at first sight. When we weren't busy hanging out with the rest of the kids we had just met, we were swapping stories about back home while smoking cigarettes we had stolen from our parents.

Really it was all mostly innocent, but I will never forget my first summer romance. Before I was set to head home Jasmine and I exchanged telephone numbers and said that we would keep in touch.

When we arrived home I suppose we just got caught up in life as usual. I never called her and she never called me. Eventually I lost her number. Seventeen years have passed and every once in a while I still think about my summer with an angel.

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