The Monterey Wine Festival Celebrates 36 years with new Additions to the Line Up!

by Tina Curry
(Monterey, CA)

June 8th 5 – 9 p.m. and June 9th 11 – 4 p.m. 2012 Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA
Now in its 36th year The Monterey Wine Festival continues to evolve into a platform designed for the regional wine industry and the community of wine lovers. After 36 years the festival has settled into the wine and food scene like a seashell in the sand. On Friday the festival kicks off with guests savoring bites of wonderful food and sips of world class wines. The cool ocean breeze reminds guests of the local heritage and of this festival that celebrated the wine industry long before many wineries even existed. Now the festival features many new editions that keeps guests happy and the palate alive with anticipation. Spirits, Beers, Oysters and champagne are all featured on Friday evening as well as seafood from the Central Bering Sea Fisherman’s Association, arrays of cheeses, charcuterie and more all pair nicely with the wines. One can only imagine what else you would need to feel more bliss. What fun to hob-knob with the industry professionals and fellow guests that share a love of all that is good to the palate!
On Saturday the celebration continues with another addition The Bartenders Fedora Professional Cocktail Competition Throw Down! Guests continue the celebration with a completely mouth watering experience from both the wineries and purveyors of food. Along with all these festival ingredients live music is the final sensation that further ensures a ultimate winning combination. Wine, Food, Beer, Spirits, Music! Aaa hhh!
It’s a Chowdah Throw Down!
Another successful addition to the festival this year is the 3nd Annual West Coast Chowder Competition. Professional chefs from the Western Coast will come to compete and chowder lovers will pay homage to their special creations. This year chefs from Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and other chowder known destinations will be landing in Monterey to compete against the local titans of chowder. All competitors will be trying to slay the judge’s tongues with their creations, take home the prize money and boast of their achievement in what is expected to be one of the most impressive competitions around. Clam, Seafood and Creative Chowders are the categories that make up the contest and the big copper pot award goes to the Best of Show along with a cash prize. Guests can sample or buy a cup of chowder, pick their own personal favorites and vote for the people’s choice award comparing their palettes to the judges. Wines that pair with chowders will also be available to sample.
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