Wine Camp Anyone?

by Maria

I have always wanted to go to wine camp. It isn't really camping, which is fine with me. I am not exactly the outdoorsy type so I am glad I don't have to sleep in a tent, or waste hours looking for a corkscrew. But spending a few days semi-working in a vineyard, under a great big blue sky, and then going into the cellar and learning all about winemaking, and tasting all that gorgeous wine, that sounds charming.

It is a fantasy that most of us wine loving city dwellers can get behind, particularly if we don't have to break much of a sweat.

Then a few years ago I read a hilarious article by Joel Stein. He is a wonderful writer for Time Magazine. His specialty is writing about everyday events, such as naming your child or attending a gold selling party.

This particular article is about his adventures at wine camp. I think it makes me want to go even more.

Read and enjoy,9171,1543946-1,00.html

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Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Laura for the information. Feel free to post any information you have about this and other wine related events. Much appreciated.


Wine camp at Cornell
by: Laura Nichols

Cornell is offering a wine camp this summer. It's pricy but includes instruction from the faculty and visits to Finger Lakes wineries.

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