Wine Recommendations for March 2012, Toast to Spring!

Spring is here, and so are the Wine Recommendations for March 2012. This is the time of year when we begin to think of sun and friends. Dreams of outdoor meals, shared with friends and family! Well, I can't provide the sun or the warm weather, but I can give you some ideas about great wines that you can get at really good prices.

The Whites

Milbrandt Riesling Columbia Valley Traditions 2010. Nice and smooth! Notes of sweet apple and flowers. Such a lovely wine! Score of 90, $13.00 USD. Washington.

HGermann J. Wiemer Riesling Finger Lakes Semi-Dry 2010. Another nice Riesling; this one hails from the Finger Lakes region. Nice notes of pear and fig. Creamy and a little sweet. Score of 89, $17.00 USD. New York.

Cliff Family Sauvignon Blanc California The Climber 2010. Bright notes of citrus, peach, and green apples. Score of 87, $14.00 USD. California.

Bodegas Protos Verdejo Rueda 2010. Creamy and ripe. Notes pear, vanilla, and almond. Score of 88, $16.00 USD. Spain.

Spice Route Sauvignon Blanc Darling 2011. Lemon, peach, honeysuckle. Bright, tangy. Score of 88, $15.00 USD. South Africa.

The Reds

Romero & Miller Rioja Rentas de Fincas Reserva 2005. Wonderful and plush. Notes of cherry, spices, berries. Complex tannins combine with acidity for a balanced wine. Score of 92, $19.00 USD. Spain.

Spice Route Mourvédre Swartland 2008. Notes of berries, vanilla, and cherry. Score of 88, $18.00 USD. South Africa.

Bogle Merlot California 2009. Zesty notes of herbs, currant, and cherry. Score of 88, $10.00 USD. California.

Perry Creek Zinfandel El Dorado Zinman 2009. Notes of plum, currant, and sage. Score of 88, $14.00 USD. California.

Russell Creek Tributary Columb ia Valley 2008. Notes of Blueberry and tobacco. Score of 90, $20.00 USD. Washington.

Wine Recommendations For March 2012, Welcome Spring!

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