Wine Recommendations for October 2009, Lets Take Another Look At Australia!

Wine recommendations for October 2009 looks at the great values that Australia offers. Some wine aficionados turn up their nose at Australian wines; but many more wine lovers recognize the value in some many of these wines. Taste the quality, and love the prices. Please welcome the Australians into your home, they will prove their worth many times over.

Australia shines with its reds, but there are many wonderful whites to be found. Just take a look at the following wines:

The Whites

Wildberry Estate Chardonnay Margaret River 2007. A balanced wine with notes of pear, quince, tropical fruits, and a bit of spice. This one has many layers and a creamy texture. Score of 91, $17.00 USD. Australia

Cooralook Chardonnay Strathbogie Ranges 2008. Notes of lime, green apples, quince, and a touch of minerals. It shines!. Score of 90, $15.00 USD. Austrailia

Green Point Chardonnay Yarra Valley 2006. With notes of citrus and pear. It is a light and easy wine. Score of 89, $17.00 USD. Australia

Leasingham Riesling Clare Valley Magnus 2008. Lovely wine reminiscent of apple and citrus, wonderful aromas with a light touch. Score of 89, $12.00 USD. Australia

Penfords Chardonnay South Australia Koonunga Hill 2007. Light and yummy; notes of citrus, cream, and pineapple. Score of 88, $11.00 USD. Australi

The Reds

Shoofly Shiraz Adelaide 2007 Elegant wine. Notes of plum, cherry, and cinnamon. Just a touch of citrus for balance. Score of 91, $14.00 USD. Australia

Thorn-Clarke Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa Terra Barossa 2007. Notes of berries, rhubarb, and spices. Score of 89, $15.00 USD. Australia

Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon South Australia Reserve 2006. Very nice; this one has notes of berries and cherry. Smooth and balanced. Score of 89, $12.00 USD. Australia

Wolf Blass Shiraz South Australia Yellow Label 2007. Notes of black cherry, blueberry, and cream. Score of 88, $13.00 USD. Australia

Wakefield Cabernet Sauvignon Clare Valley 2006. Lovely notes of cherry, plum, and spices. Score of 89, $18.00 USD. Australia

Great Australians for Wine Recommendations for October 2009!

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