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What do all those obscure wine terms mean? In this handy wine glossary you will find wine terms from C to E.



The “umbrella” formed by the leaves and branches of the grapevine.


The layer of grape skins, seeds, stems, and pulp that floats on top of the grape juice during fermentation of red wine.

Carbon Dioxide

A byproduct of wine fermentation, along with alcohol.

Carbonic Maceration

A method of fermentation in which bunches of whole grapes are placed inside a tank. The fermentation takes place inside the grape. Used mostly when making Beaujolais.


The process of adding sugar to the wine must in order to raise the alcohol level. Used widely in wine regions with cooler climates, where the grapes do not achieve a high level of sugar content.


Describes the flavor and aroma of a wine that is reminiscent of citrus fruit.

Closed In

A wine with muted flavors and aromas, but with potential. A young wine that needs a bit of aging is said to be close in.


A wine that appears hazy.


A wine that is unpleasantly sweet.


A harsh wine, lacking in finesse and sophistication.

Cold Fermentation

A type of fermentation that takes place in stainless steel tanks that can be cooled. Used to produce light and medium bodied white wines.


A sophisticated wine with many layers of flavors and aromas. Great wines are complex.


A container used in wineries to store wine. It can be barrels, casks, or stainless steel vessels.


A wine that has been spoiled by a bad cork. It usually has an unpleasant musty smell.


The act of breaking the skins of the grape so that fermentation can occur. Also the term used to describe the process from harvest to the beginning of fermentation.



The act of pouring a wine into a different container in order to free it from sediment that has settled at the bottom of the bottle.


A term used to describe Champagne or sparkling wine that is not dry, but rather moderately sweet.

Dessert Wine

A wine that is sweet, usually high in alcohol level, and can accompany desserts.


A machine used to separate the stems from the grapes before fermentation.


Describes an odor resulting from poorly made wine. This odor may develop because of improperly cleaned barrels, or other error.


A term that describes a wine that doesn’t contain much sugar.


Describes a young wine that has not yet developed aromas and flavors. It can also be a wine that is served too cold, and it is difficult to perceive its flavors.



A wine that has aromas and flavors reminiscent of earth, and things such as moss or truffles.


The study of winemaking. It may also be spelled oenology.

Estate Bottled

Definition may vary from country to country. In the United States it means that a winery grew all the grapes used in a particular wine.


Aroma produced by yeast and bacteria, especially during the fermentation process.

Ethanol or Ethyl Alcohol

Alcohol that results when the yeasts convert the sugar during fermentation.

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