Charming Yamhill County Where Vines Flourish And Wines Shine.

A visit to Yamhill County is the perfect wine vacation. It is a delightful place; within easy reach of Portland, yet dotted by charming towns. It is an area where wonderful wine pairs so well with great food. Lets not forget that the great James Beard, the father of American gourmet cooking, was a Portland native.

Let your trip start in the town of Newberg. Its claim to fame is the wine, of course, but also the fact that Herbert Hoover lived here for a few years. Regardless of how you feel about Mr. Hoover, I know that you will be attracted by the wine, and one of the best places to start your wine quest is at the Adelsheim Vineyard. The owners, David and Ginny Adelsheim not only make great pinot noir, pinot gris, and chardonnay; have been tireless promoters of Oregon wine.

If food is what you are looking for, head on to the Painted Lady, famous for the freshness and creativity of its dishes.

Looking to work off all that food and wine? The Ewing Young Historical Park is the place to go with your skateboard under your arm. It has been called a "skateboarder's paradise". If skateboarding is not your game, you can walk around, visit replicas of homes and cabins from the mid 1800s.

Dundee, also near the Willamette river, has its share of wineries. One of the best is the Argyle Winery, which produces very nice sparkling wines, and you can taste them in the beautiful garden and victorian farmhouse.

If you get hungry after all that wine tasting you won't find a better place than the Red Hill Provincial Dining. Great food, locally grown and super fresh.

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For old Oregon go to Lafayette. It is the States third oldest city. Interestingly enough, one of the promoters of wine, though in a roundabout way, have been the Cistercian monks. Established in 1955Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey is a cloistered monastery, and the monks are devoted to prayer and work.

The work they perform involves bookbinding, baking, and most importantly, wine warehousing. This means that they take on many tasks for the wine industry, from bottle labeling, to order processing, shipping and other tasks; they also offer spiritual retreats for men and women, if you are so inclined.

McMinnville, or Mac, is the largest city in Yamhill county. Besides the wineries and restaurants, there are a couple of events that make a visit to this town a great experience.

At the end of July there is the International Pinot Noir Celebration, held since 1987, it showcases pinot noir winemakers from around the world, as well as wine seminars, wine tasting, and wonderful cuisine.

Another popular event is the Turkey Rama, also in July. Find the "world's largest Turkey BBQ", Turkey Trot run/walk, turkey talent contest, and wine of course!

For Wine And Fun, Come To Yamhill County!

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