Yes, and the place is non other than Napa Valley itself.

by Chandranil
(Calgery, Canada)

In 2007 during the month of September we went to San Francisco for an outdoor suiting of a film. After the first phase of suiting was over we decided to tour the adjacent areas and places of interest.

We called a tourist agency and told them that we would be free in the next three days and we would like to visit the most interesting places near San Francisco. The travel agent suggested that we go to Napa Valley.

Since we did not know anything about the area (actually in India, we are not acquainted with Napa Valley at all). Most of our crew members rejected the idea, but the travel guide insisted.

We agreed to visit, but decided to wait until the end of our stay. The Napa Valley tour included visits to four premier wineries; a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and a ferry cruise of about 30 minutes.

We enjoyed great Pinot Noirs and Cabernet Sauvignons, what else does one need? We had a wonderful lunch, as well as a very nice presentation about wines.

Finally, as we walked through the vineyard, we felt as if we had been walking through the Garden of Eden. The landscape filled our heart with contentment. The famous lines from the poem 'The Song Offerings' (Geetanjali) by the great Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore came to mind: "I wept and wished that I had had all my hear to give".

What a wonderful day!

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