Wine Recommendations for April 2011. Pinot Gris and Malbec!

Wine recommendations for April 2011 focus on two of my favorite wines, Pinot Gris, and Malbec. These wines are rising in popularity because of their versatility. They pair well with many different types of dishes, and they are great when drank by themselves.

Call it Pinot Gris or call it Pinot Grigio, it doesn't matter, this wine is delicious. It's light and refreshing, and will enhance a meal. In Europe, the French region of Alsace produces great Pinot Gris. In the United States, the State of Oregon has adopted this grape and made it its own.

Malbec, is the pride of Argentina. These are really interesting wines with distinct personalities; best of all, at the moment they are flying under most people's radar, so the prices are excellent. Perhaps in a few years they will become super-popular, and the prices will rise sky high. But for the moment, lets enjoy!

The Whites

Bethel Heights Pinot Gris Oregon 2009. Crisp and lovely. Notes of melon and lime. Score of 89, $16.00 USD. Oregon.

Illahe Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2009. Notes of Pears, Pineapple, and citrus. Great value. Score of 89, $14.00 USD. Oregon..

Eloa Hills Pinot Gris Oregon 2009. Fresh and Light. Notes of melon and peach. Score of 88, $12.00 USD. Oregon.

Left Coast Pinot Gris Willamette Valley The Orchards 2009. Bright notes of grapefruit and pear. Score of 88, $16.00 USD. Oregon.

Melrose Pinot Gris Umpqua Valley 2009. Another refreshing wine perfect for spring. Notes of melon, lime, and pear. Score of 88, $16.00 USD. Oregon.

The Reds

Viña Doña Paula Malbec Mendoza 2009. Gorgeous wine. Notes remind you of minerals, plumb, and berries. Score of 90, $17.00. Argentina.

Proviva Malbec Mendoza Maipe Reserve 2009. Layers of flavors. Notes of berries, plum, coffee, and a bit of anise. Score of 90, $16.00 USD. Argentina.

Bodega Renacer Malbec Mendoza Punto Final 2009. Spicy notes of berries, cherries, and plum. Score of 87, $12.00 USD. Argentina.

Argento Malbec Mendoza Reserva 2009. Lush notes of fig, blackberry, licorice, and plum. Score of 89, $16.00 USD. Argentina.

Bodegas Escorihuela Malbec Mendoza Don Miguel Gascón 2009. Notes of currant, plum, spices. Score of 89, $14.00 USD. Argentina.

Malbec and Pinot Gris, The Wine Recommendations For April 2011!

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