Wine Recommendations For August 2010, Beat The Dog Days Of Summer!

The glorious summer is going to the dogs, and wine recommendations for August 2010 come to the rescue!

By August, summer can be getting into our nerves. The heat seems to drags on and on, and it feels like it will never end. Our energy is low and so is our tolerance.

The Romans had a name for this affliction, they called it "dies caniculares", or days of the dog. In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere this time of the year is still referred to as the Canicula. For the Souther Hemisphere, it arrives in February or March.

The term refers to the star Sirius. The most visible star in the constellation Canis Major; and in ancient times, it was prominent in the warmest time of the year. In those days it was believed that all sorts of nasty things happened when the Dog Star came into its own. People got sick, had no energy, and were downright unpleasant to one another; wow, it kind of sound like the present!

So, if you are feeling like the Dog is getting to you, pour yourself a glass of lovely Riesling, relax, and turn that Mastiff into a toy poodle!

The Whites

OS Riesling Horse Heaven Hills Champoux Vineyard 2009. Fresh and balanced. Notes of peach, citrus, and pineapple. A beautiful wine! Score of 90, $15.00 USD. Washington.

Milbrandt Riesling Columbia Valley Traditions 2008. Another lovely Riesling, with notes of peaches and pears. Score of 89, $13.00 USD. Washington.

Torii Mor Pinot Gris Willamette Valley 2009. Floral notes with melons and apples. Bright and refreshing. Score of 90, $17.00 USD. Oregon.

Viña Casa Tamaya del Limarí Chardonnay Limarí Valley Reserva 2009. A creamy wine, with notes of apple and pear. Score of 90, $17.00 USD. Chile.

Hugel Pinot Blanc Alsace Cuvée Les Amours 2008. A nicely balanced wine with notes of apple and lemon. Score of 88, $17.00 USD. France.

The Reds

Our red wine recommendations for August 2010

Castle Rock Syrah Columbia Valley 2007. Juicy and bright. Notes of raspberry and cherry. Score of 88, $12.00 USD. Washington.

Acacia Pinot Noir California A by Acacia 2008. Notes of rhubarb and cherry, with a little bit of spice. Score of 88, $18.00 USD> California.

Vaeni Naoussa Xinomavro Naoussa 2004. Spices and cream! So nice; notes of plum, cherry, and raspberry. Score of 90, $15.00 USD. Greece.

Altocedro Tempranillo La Consulta Año Cero 2009. Notes of currant, cherry, and a bit of vanilla. Score of 88, $15.00 USD. Argentina.

Diemersfontein Shiraz Wellington 2006. Notes of cherry and currant. Score of 87, $18.00 USD. South Africa.

Tame the Dog With Wine Recommendations For August 2010!

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