Wine Recommendations for February 2012, Winter Beauties

Wine recommendations for February 2012 will help us keep the chill away. We look at "comfort wines" Sherry and port. I know I know; you are going to say "my great-grandma drank Sherry!" "This is the 21st Century!" And she may very well have done so; that tells us that you come from a long line of people with good taste and great style! Don't be shy, give sherry and port a try. These wines truly helps us keep winter in check. Enjoy!

Port and Sherry

Croft Ruby Port Fine NV. Notes of plum cherry, berries, and spices. Throw in a bit of smoke and you have a super wine. Score of 90, $13.00 USD. Portugal.

Fonseca Ruby Port NV. Dried berries and sweet cherries! Mmmm nice!Score of 87, $15.00 USD. Portugal.

Taylor Fladgate Ruby Port Fine NV. Plum, berry, and chocolate. Tangy and vibrant. Score of 88, $15.00 USD. Portugal.

Emilio Lustau Amontillado Jerez Dry Los Arcos Solera Reserva NV. Think orange, think; think hazelnut, date, clove. Very very nice. Score of 90, $16.00 USD. Spain

Pedro Romero Fino Jerez Pale Dry NV. Bright and buttery. Notes of peach and almonds. Score of 88, $14.00 USD. Spain

Emilio Lustau Manzanilla Jerez Papirusa Solera Reserva NV. Tangy and a bit salty. Quince, lemon, and peach. Score of 88, $16.00 USD. Spain.

Pedro Romero Amontillado Jerez Dry Rich NV. Notes of smoked walnuts, tea, and some caramel. Lovely! Score of 90, $15.00 USD. Spain.

Emilio Lustau Fino Jerez Jarana Solera Reserva NV. Notes of orange, almonds, and floral flavors. Score of 88, $16.00 USD. Spain.

Pedro Romero Amontillado Jerez Medium NV. Notes of allspice, walnuts, and juniper berries. Score of 88, $14.00 USD. Spain.

Wine Recommendations For February 2012, Cheers with Port and Sherry!

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